Vascular Surgery

Hawaii Vascular Surgery / Vascular Surgeons in Hawaii

You may be discussing vascular surgery with your Hawaii surgeons to control your vascular disease.

Sometimes due to the size of the arteries of our body, catheter based approaches to fix these arteries is not possible, for these arteries vascular surgery may be indicated. For instance, vascular surgery focuses on the treatment of the large vessels of our chest and abdomen, arteries in the neck and the large arteries in you legs. There are times when these important artery walls may become weakened and form an aneurysm or pouching out. This aneurysm, unfortunately may burst, leading to a medical emergency. Luckily if these weakened arteries or aneurysms are detected early, surgeons can repair or stabilize these arteries. Another important procedure, is the treatment of the narrowing of the arteries in the neck that supply the blood to the brain. If these arteries in the neck become to narrowed, then this may lead to a stroke. In some instances, surgery is indicated to repair the narrowing in these arteries. The surgeons at The Queen's Heart Physician Practice in Hawaii, are trained to treat these and prevent these potential medical emergencies.

If you are a candidate for vascular surgery contact our Hawaii office to schedule an appointment.

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