Thrombectomy for Pulmonary Embolism


Thrombectomy / Embolectomy for Pulmonary Embolism in Hawaii

Your Hawaii physician may be discussing options to manage your pulmonary embolism. Some options for pulmonary embolism (PE) include thrombolysis ("clot buster"), surgical embolectomy (removal) and percutaneous/catheter-based thrombectomy. Thrombolytics are the mainstay of therapy for high-risk PE, although its effectiveness is limited. Contraindications to fibrinolytics are common and surgical embolectomy is frequently not performed because of surgical risk.  Under certain circumstances, catheter-based thrombectomy is an alternative. During thrombectomy of pulmonary embolish a suction catheter is advanced from the vein in your leg into the pulmonary artery (main artery in the lung) the clot then is removed through the small catheter. Successfuly thrombectomy of pulmonary embolism can be achieved if when a pulmonary embolism is discovered it is treated quickly.

Consult with our Hawaii office for more information about the embolectomy and thrombectomy procedures.

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