Peripheral Vascular Surgery


Peripheral Vascular Surgery / Peripheral Artery Disease - PAD -  in Hawaii

Peripheral vascular surgery is required for patients suffering from peripheral artery disease also known as PAD. Peripheral vascular surgery may be required if medical treatment fails to reduce symptoms of peripheral artery disease. Symptoms of peripheral artery disease, include pain or cramping in the lower extremities during walking or exercise which is relieved during rest, ulcers or sores of the legs which do not heal quickly or swelling of the legs. Peripheral vascular disease occurs due to stenosis (narrowing) or arthrosclerosis (build up of plaque) of the arteries of the pelvis or legs. You may require peripheral vascular surgery if you experience these symptoms.Perpherial vascular surgery by be done with a surgical procedure, where the stenotic area is by-passed or may be done percutanously using small stents that are inserted in through your groin.

Consult our Hawaii office for more information about peripheral vascular surgery to treat PAD.