Peripheral Angioplasty / Stent


Peripheral Angioplasty / Stent Procedures in Hawaii

An option your Hawaii cardiologist may have suggested is peripheral angioplasty.

Peripheral angioplasty is a stent procedure done when there is blockage of the arteries in other parts of the body. Peripheral angioplasty with stent usually is the treatment for blockages of the arteries of the legs. When traditional therapies fail to reduce symptoms of leg heaviness or pain or if there is evidence of critical or acute limb ischemia (restricted or reduced blood flow to the limb), revascularization by angioplasty and stenting can be beneficial. During peripheral angioplasty with stent smaller arteries such as the arteries below the knee area can be treated like the arteries of the heart. During peripheral angioplasty and stenting small balloons and stents are placed in these arteries that are blocked. The one disadvantage however is sometimes these small artereis even with treatment carries a greater risk of re-stenosis. Traditionally larger vessels such as the leg arteries, bypass surgery are routine surgical procedures, however newer stent technologies are allowing for stenting of these arteries with out having to undergo a surgical procedure.

If you can benefit from peripheral angioplasty please contact our Hawaii office for a consultation.