Patent Foramen Ovale Closure


Patent Foramen Ovale Closure in Hawaii

A Patent Foramen Ovale or PFO as sometimes it is referred, is a flap-like tunnel connecting the upper two chambers of the heart. A Patent Foramen Ovale is necessary in utero, but it is intended to seal or close after birth. In a vast majority of people sometimes this flap-like tunnel does not close. Many times a patent foramen ovale represents an incidental finding. However, in patients with cryptogenic stroke or stroke of unknown cause, cariologists here in Hawaii and abroad debated whether a patent foramen ovale may be responsible for the stroke. In some high risk patients, closure of those patent foramen ovale may be more effective than medical therapy in order to prevent recurrent strokes. PFO's can be closed using small umbrellas or double disc devices inserted through the vein in the leg via small catheters. Patient foramen ovale closure can be performed in the catheterization lab.

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