Paravalvular Leak Closure


Paravalvular Leak Closure / Repair in Hawaii

Paravavular leak closure is needed to repair regurgitation which is the back flow of blood through a hole next to a surgically replaced valve. Regurgitation is a complication that can cause a paravalvular leak of the surgically replaced heart valve. There are several reasons why this may occur, sometimes the surgically valve fail to remain in place. Many times re-operation of the valve is not possible or highly undesirable and medical management options are commonly very limited. Percutaneous paravalvular leak closure or repair is a procedure in which small plugs or coils are inserted inside the holes next to the prosthetic valve using catheters inserted through veins in the leg. During paravalvular leak closure / repair the cardiologist uses imaging from transesophegeal echocardiogram and real time x-ray to guide these coils and plugs in to place. Paravalvular leak closure can be done minimally invasive usually being done in the catheterization lab.

If you are a Hawaii resident and feel you could be a candidate for a paravalvular leak closure / repair please contact our Hawaii office to schedule an appointment.

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