Heart Valve Replacement / Surgery


Heart Valve Replacement in Hawaii

An option your Hawaii cardiologist may have suggested is heart valve replacement.

Heart valve replacement surgery is a procedure in which mechanical or bioprosthetic (porcine or bovine in origin) valves are positioned in place of the original heart valve. During heart valve replacement surgery the surgeon will make an incision in the breast bone, or an incision on the side of the chest to gain access to the heart. Heart valve replacement surgery is indicated when the heart valve is either too leaky, or reguirgitent or too small or stenotic. Heart valve replacement surgery can be done on any of the four heart valves of the heart. These four heart valves are the pulmonic, tricuspid, mitral or aortic valve. Sometimes depending on your condition more than one valve will need to replaced, in cases of rheumatic heart disease. Newer technology is currently being developed where heart valve replacement surgery can be done in catherazation lab or even less invasive than surgery.

Consult with our Hawaii office for more information about heart valve replacement.