Embolization of AV Fistulas


Embolization of AV Fistulas in Hawaii

Your Hawaii cardiologist may feel you are in need of a Arteriovenous fistula or AV Fistulas surgery. AV Fistulas are abnormal connections between the arterial and venous systems that bypass the normal capillary beds. Arteriovenous fistulas commonly occur in the lung circulation, but may also be seen in the coronary (heart) arteries. These abnormal connections can occur due to congenital or acquired causes. Surgical repair of the Arteriovenous fistulas connections is the most common approach. However, new techniques using percutaneous, or catheter-based approaches have been developed. Little plugs or coils can be used to embolize these arteriovenous fistulas, sealing off the anomalous connections.

If you are a Hawaii resident and feel you can benefit from an AV Fistula please contact our Hawaii office to schedule an appointment.