Cardiac / Heart Catheterization


Cardiac  / Heart Catheterization Procedure in Hawaii

If you are a family member in Hawaii has every experienced chest pain or discomfort, then you may need a cardiac / heart catheterization to rule out a possible heart attack.

A cardiac / heart catheterization procedure is a minimally invasive diagnostic procedure in which a small catheter is guided into the heart through an artery in the leg or arm using real time x-ray guidance. Once inside the heart a cardiac catheterization can be used to diagnose problems of arthrosclerosis, or blockages of plaque on the heart the arteries, these arteries are important because they supply the heart with blood. During a cardiac catheterization the cardiologist can have a detailed look of these heart arteries if blockages or plaque are seen then cardiac angioplasy or stenting may need to be done. If during the cardiac catheterization procedure the blockages or heart plaque is noted to be severe, then surgical coronary bypass surgery may be indicated.

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